Peter elbow low stakes writing assignments

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In fact, the hotter the better. Try to deal with the past.

Low Stakes Writing

The tent inflated like an abscess on Theseus' spine, a little climate-controlled bubble of atmosphere in the dark cavernous vacuum beneath the ship's carapace. Some instructors extend this into mock panel discussions in which group members perform different roles.

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The cane, known as 'switch cane' is a slender, tough variety that grows in uplands. After feeding, wolves abandoned carrion that then fed scavengers, like foxes, eagles, ravens, and buzzards The pones are broken into pieces and placed in a runlet.

They accomplished this by two techniques: They slept on, oblivious. I would have died.


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He is the founder of the NASHER Negotiation Institute and is a leading expert on reading and influencing people.


The following table provides some examples of low stakes writing based on John Bean's and Peter Elbow's work and others. The CTLT is happy to assist with the implementation and development of exploratory and informal writing.

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Peter elbow low stakes writing assignments
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SAMPLE ASSIGNMENTS – Writing Across the Curriculum