Ccot on russia 1450 1750

Thus, as the Portugues began a series of explorations along Africa's west coast, China chose to withdraw its fleet from Indian Ocean. Even the peasants were radicalised by the botched Emancipation with many of them supporting the terrorist Socialist Revolutionary Party. Alex Karnish Columbian Exchange effexts North America Global trade begins in North America May 6, scientific revolution europe Scientific revolution When knowledge in physics, biology, medicine, astronomy, and chemistry changed views of nature and laided foundations for modern science.

It takes places between andand introduces a time of truly global interaction, as Europe "discovers" North and South America, Polynesia, and Australia. Most people migrated voluntarily, but many Africans were forcibly taken to the Americas to serve as slaves. Portugal's proximity to Africa made southern exploration a logical target.

Click on the Reformations banner to read all about the Reformation 3. Aware of the political and religious domination of the Philippines since the Spanish colonized the country inthe Japanese political leaders are suspicious of the Dominican and Franciscan missionaries that arrive in Japan from the Philippines and work among the non-samurai classes.

The Chinese state does not control commercial development. Classic Chinese structure but was built above where the old Mongol Palace was. After the Treaty of Tordesilla, Spanish and the Portuguese outlined conquerable region for both except Spain kept Philippines. Advance in weapon and ships, allowing them to set up Trading Post Empires.

It was the war between the French and their Indian allies and the English that proved the English to be the more dominant force of what was to be the United States both commercially and in terms of controlled regions. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the economic principles and practices that guided European global interaction from Inca - Located in modern day Peru, using peaceful and conquest for expansion.

They strengthened defense and increased nationalism. Women's role was much larger but still less than men. Students will write an expository opinion essay based on knowledge and analysis of historical events and their effects on the Americas. England - Sents colonies to the Americas for colonization.

Prior toyou just had Catholicism. Portugal's Prince Henry the Navigator sent ship after ship down the western coast of Africa looking for a route to the Indies so that his nation could benefit from direct trade with south Asia. Proposed that the Catholic Church was not fulfilling the necessary needs for the religion.

Battle of Chaldiran - When Ottomans won victory against the Safavid, ending it's rule once and for all, gaining all the territories. Believed in multiple gods with the Sun god in the middle.

Labor Systems: c. 1450 - c. 1750

The East Asian political order, with China at the center, is reinforced. After all, they reasoned, the Middle kingdoms was the greatest in the world. Ottoman - Found by Osman, large territorial expansion in the Middle East, encompassing most of the Islamic world and even the European world.

1450-1750 Early Modern Period

Students will understand the significant social, cultural, political, and economic consequences of the Atlantic Slave Trade. Throughout history we've seen huge empires go into foreign areas and kill everybody they didn't like. Smallpox, in particular, eradicated whole villages of native people, creating a demographic catastrophe that had not been equaled in all of history.

Slowly develops into Constitutional Government. Even after reform, serfs were still treated the way they had been in their previous labor system. Another thing you could talk about is the oppression of weaker peoples by large empires. See more about this in Changes in Society c.

After the Treaty of Tordesilla, Portugal got to keep all of West for exploration with the exception of Brazil in the East.

Christians even encouraged Ottomans for their taxes were lighter. After the serfs were emancipated they fled to the city and the countryside, and while they found work, they did not find escape from the hindrances of their feudal position.

There are an estimatedChristians in Japan at this time. At first only criminals and prisoners of war, then they used better tribe men and women to please the gods further. The greatest effect on the people of the Americas was the introduction of diseases that had not existed before the arrival of the Europeans.

The Jesuits work among the daimyo of the samurai class and are initially well received by leading daimyo, including Nobunaga and Hideyoshi, two daimyo crucial to the reunification of Japan by.

Indian Ocean region from C.E. to C.E. CCOT Silk Roads BCE CE Within the period from tocompare the processes (e.g., political, social, economic) of empire building in the AP World History Essay Catalog, May 4, # Year Title Question 7. Changes Atlantic slave trade altered male-female ratios in Africa, altering gender roles and promoting polygamy in Africa.

Annotated CCOT Rubric: Atlantic World 1 Question: Analyze the social and economic transformations that occurred in the Atlantic world as a result of new contacts among Western Europe, Africa, and the Americas from to This is period 4 in the College Board World History outline, or the era of Global Interactions, also known as the early Modern Era.

It takes places between andand introduces a time of truly global interaction, as Europe "discovers" North and South America, Polynesia, and Australia. Within the period from tocompare the processes (e.g., political, social, economic) of empire building in the Spanish Empire with the empire-building processes in ONE of.

Empire Building, (Spain and Russia or Otto Empire) Racial Identities, N. America/ Latin Am, Caribbean Compare Effects of the Columbian Exchange c. c. DBQ CCOT 2. Global effects of silver trade, mid 16th— Indian Ocean trade, Impacts of Islam.

Ccot on russia 1450 1750
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